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Guitar Tabs Player
Guitar Pro, MIDI, mXML and ASCII

Practice and Learn to Play Guitar with full featured Online Tablature Player

  • Minipanel: Fretboard, Piano, Drums ☚ ☀
  • Slow down ☚
  • Select a region ☀
  • Loop over a selected region ☚
  • Pitch shift ☀
  • Rithm count in
  • Master Volume ☀
  • Track Mixer ☚ ☀
  • Page zoom
  • View Tabs+Score, Score, Tabs, +/-Rithm ☀
  • Play files from your PC ☚
  • Play from internet
  • All 70703 tabs were carefully selected to have no © info
  • Install android app: apk
    • - No ads, Not intruisive. Check source code at github
  • Print (Needs captcha)

  • Help to grow: Upload a Tab:

    Tested on Firefox(Linux/Windows), Crome(Linux Windows), and MsEdge,
    There are some Safari iOS versions it does not work
    Use a Desktop or a Laptop computer to experience the all the features. Mobile version has limitted options due to reduced rendering area
  • Search by Author from top menu letters or by Song / Author in the Search Box
    • Typing a less than 3 letters would search Authors by first letter
    • Typing more than 3 letters would perform a normal search
  • Practice Guitar Solo, Arpegios and Cords.
  • Bookmark your scores clicking top icon.
  • Wow! Plays ASCII Tabs

  • To share a Tab and contribute to ghitara database goto (Please do it so!)
  • How to Slow down Music for Guitar?
    • From the Player 1.0x control select desired speed.
  • How to Shift the Pitch Partiture?
    • From the Player spinner control select desired pitch.
  • How to Select
    • PC: Clik on the score hold the left mouse and select then you can repeat/slow the selected section
    • Mobile: Click the Hand in the toolbar then click from where to play and then click again to where to play
      • Once selected you can check the repeat button and practice that selected region
      • Once selected you can slowdown and or accelerate the region
  • Check this YOUTUBE video for details
  • All player features are open thanks to: AlhaTAB which is Licensed: Mozilla Public License 2.0
  • Supported Files "*.gp, *.gp3, *.gp4, *.gp5, *.gpx, *.mxml, *.mid, *.midi, ASCII"
  • Mobile version: Reduced features due rendering area


  • Online quitar-pro & MIDI player

    Play over 60.000 Guitar Tabs and MIDI files online at website is a sole project I put together thanks to:
    (MIT / GNU / BSD / Bootstrap). All resources, Software & Icons are 'Commercial Free / OpenSource' .
    I am trying to keep the site clean
    of copyright material to avoid any legal issues. If a Tab file has both copyright and author
    information and copyright contains 'Copyright | Reserved' tokens the Tab is ©-ted
    If you are the owner of the Tab you can unlock the Tab from the contact link in the status bar.
    You would need a blogsport/google email for that.

  • Credits
    • Player: alphaTab Mozilla Public License 2.0
    • Icons: Commercial-Free Icons
    • Images: Rockstadt Thanks to Alin who, kindly allowed to take screen shots

    The site is hosted at Contabo in Germany, and is slow from outside Europe If this site goes well I will buy more servers instances in North America. Please do not type in the address bar going behind normal navigation or try to hack the scripts to download the gp files. An anti hack software will block you your IP for ~10 days
    There was a lot of time put in the making of this web site. Maintenance is an ongoing process.
    There are fees for: ssl certificates, domain registration and hosting. If you want this site to be here a year from now
    Donations: $0

    report a score/ask for remove/copyrightissues @ KONTACT